UK Manufacturer of Sliding Folding Partitions
and Acoustic Movable Walls

Flexibility of space is becoming increasingly important, the addition of sliding folding partitions is an ideal way of utilising existing space efficiently, effectively and economically.
Whether you want to sub-divide a classroom or office, sliding partitions can allow for more than one function in a room or create a number of areas in a large floor space, whatever the needs we have a solution to suit all requirements and budgets.

Service & Maintance

Cleaning & lubrication

to track and roller system

Roller inspections

and replacements

Operable seal checks

to ensure optimum seal

Roller inspections

to ensure efficient sliding

Replacement part

and operating handles

Operable Wall relocation

relocation of existing operable walls

Full service reports

of all servicing completed

Full guarantee

on all works undertaken
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