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Manufacturing plant based in Worcester

We pride ourselves on workmanship, quality control and most importantly customer service. With the right team and our new innovative product we strive to be at the forefront of the Movable Wall Industry.

Manufactured in house for superior quality

Research & Development is a key element to make sure CE keep ahead of competitors and to stay at the forefront of the industry.

With many years of planning, design and technical knowledge our team can now offer a manufacturing plant with state of the art product development, testing facilities and a showroom for client meetings.

It is vital to understand the elements of each component and how panels are formed to showcase a secure fixed wall once on site.

We offer and welcome client show rounds and will advise from the outset on any design and layout proposals.

As a UK manufacturer we offer quicker lead times, replacement parts and full on site acoustic testing on request.

Lets Buy British!!

As Green manufacturers Ce Solutions continuously research, develop, or utilize technologies and practices to lessen their impact on the environment

Manufacturing options

Mixed Finishes
Double Glazed Vision Panels
Inset Pass Doors
Routed Designs
Fabric Wrapping
90 Degree Corner Panels
Bespoke Finishes
Flush Meeting Panels

Case Studies