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Fixed Glass Partitioning

Moving glass walls are an effortless solution to transition your space from open plan to private, and back again


Moving glass walls are an effortless solution to transition your space from open plan to private, and back again. If, however, you’re looking for a more permanent fixture, we offer a range of professional glass walls and partitions to suit your project.

What are the benefits of glass partitioning?

  • Glass is a sustainable material
  • A range of acoustic properties to suit the project
  • Versatile environment
  • Maximises the reach of natural light
  • Safe social distancing solutions
  • Contemporary, sleek designs

Single Glazed Glass Partitioning

To subdivide a space whilst sticking to a budget, single glazed glass is a simple solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The smooth 10 or 12mm thick glass has a sleek ‘frameless’ finish with clear, seamless joint systems to add a minimalist style into any commercial area. With sound quality of up to 33dB, this glass type is great for projects where privacy isn’t a top priority.

Double Glazed Glass Partitioning

Although double glazed glass partitioning has the same premium look as single glazed, this glass type offers a space with improved noise control. A step up in sound insulation with protection up to 44bD, you can create a space with more confidentiality. Plus, there’s the option to install integrated blinds in between the glass panels for even more privacy.

Banded Glass Partitioning

Banded Glass is one of our newest products, but has certainly had its moment in the workplace. Its Shoreditch style makes it popular to divide quirky and retro spaces amongst the office. Aluminium bars run around the glass panels for a framed look, with UVPC bars that intersect it. We think banded glass partitions work best with single glazed glass, but try it with double glazed for a stylish, confidential room.

Glass Doors

It’s difficult to enjoy the full effect of your new glass partitioning without a way to get in or out. We offer a range of glass doors to compliment the style of your partitioning, without influencing the acoustic qualities. From frameless to framed, sliding glass to fire rated doors, we’ve got it covered. We even offer timber doors to bring natural elements into your space.

On top of this, we also provide the finishing touches: the handles, locks and manifestations. Whatever your room requires, we can provide the solution.

Acoustic Glass Partitioning

A premium option to add to your glass partitioning is acoustic glass – and it’s premium for good reasons! An acoustic membrane is bonded to the glass panels to reduce a further 50% of noise (up to 46dB on solid ground) and increasing the thickness of your glass partition by 0.8mm, making it an ideal solution to keep conversations in and sound interruptions out.

Curved Glass Partitioning

For a partitioning with a little more extravagance, install our curved glass. The unique style is an impressive centrepiece to any commercial space or, to make efficient use of existing space, they can curve around pre-existing building features such as a staircase. Faceted glass partitioning’s give the illusion of a curve at a more affordable price. Our high end partitioning’s are sure to impress both employees and visitors.


Manifestations are stickers that get added to your glass partitioning. They are a legal requirement on most glass walls for health and safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean they need to ruin the sleek design. Our team can work with you to add bespoke stickers such as your company’s name or logo.

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We know that the wide range of glass types available can be overwhelming. If you’re still unsure on what glass partition would work best for your project, whether moveable or static, get in touch with our team and we will be happy to find the right fit for your space.

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