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Zeta Straight Slider sliding walls

A push and pull system, which can be supplied bi parting or single wing, available top hung configuration or with a low profile floor track.


The Zeta Straight Slider is an easy to use top hung, push/pull straight sliding system offering a mid level acoustic performance. Fitted with fixed top and bottom brush seals it can offer an acoustic insulation up to 38dB.

With a maximum panel width of 1,220mm, panels can be joined together on site to form larger openings. For added flexibility, or when there is no suitable structure to suspend from, the Zeta Straight Slider can be supplied as a bottom rolling option, running along a low profile floor track.

Technical Specs

  • Acoustic rating 38dB
  • Applications up to 3,050mm high
  • Maximum single panel width 1,220mm
  • Panels can be joined together on site to form larger openings
  • Maximum single opening width 3,660mm (3 panels joined together)
  • Maximum bi-parting opening width 7,320mm (2 x 3 panels joined together)
  • Top hung with no floor track or floor supported options
  • Available with virtually any surface finish
  • Ideal for apartment blocks, flats, offices, hotels, leisure centres
  • Panel widths from 400mm-1,220mm
  • Full maintenance contracts available
  • Manufactured in the UK

Finishing Options

Our wall systems are available in a wide array of surface finishes to suit the design of its surroundings. Plus! Add bespoke surface decals.

Priming Options

Stacking Options

There are 4 common stacking options for the Sigma Range movable wall system as shown below:

Bi-Parting Against Wall
Bi-Parting in Pocket
Wing in Pocket
Wing Against Wall

Suspension Options

There are 2 suspension options for the Sigma Range:

Top Hung
Bottom Rolling


Technical Drawings PDF DWG
Panel Abutment Details
Section Through – Top Hung with optional Pelmet
Wall Jamb
Plan View in Pocket
Plan View Beside Wall

Case Studies