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Omega Acoustic Movable Wall


The Omega Range is our individual panel partition system offering an acoustic insulation rating of up to 59dB.

Ideally suited for high specification applications due to the sheer flexibility, numerous stacking arrangements available and the impressive acoustic qualities this system offers.

The panels are operated by means of an internal scissor-jack mechanism and move effortlessly along an aluminium head track, when closed they form a secure fixed wall.

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Technical Specs

  • Acoustic rating from 39-59dB laboratory tested to ISO 140 Part 3
  • Applications up to 10,000mm high
  • Top hung with no floor track
  • Scissor-jack operating mechanism
  • Available with virtually any surface finish
  • Ideal for conference centres, hotels, offices & schools
  • Angled, glazed, corner or junction panels for maximum flexibility
  • Single or double point suspension for versatile stacking options
  • Panels with hinged pass door, single or double leaf inset pass door panels for access through
  • Panel widths from 650mm-1250mm
  • Nominal panel thickness 100mm
  • Full maintenance contracts available
  • Manufactured in the UK

Finishing Options

Our wall systems are available in a wide array of surface finishes to suit the design of its surroundings. Plus! Add bespoke surface decals.

Priming Sheet

Uni Colours

Wood Grain

Stacking Options

There are 6 common stacking options for the Omega Range movable wall system as shown below:

  • Single Point Central Track
  • Double Point Track
  • Double Point Offset Track
  • Double Point Parallel Stack
  • Double Point – Bi-Parting Offset Stack
  • Double Point – Double Offset Stack

Suspension Options

There are 2 suspension options for the Omega Range:

  • Single Point  
  • Double Point
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Fixing Drawings PDF DWG
Double Point Suspension To Concrete
Single Point Head Track with Pelmets
Single Point Head Track
Steel Track to Concrete
Single Point Head Track with Pelmets
Fixing Drawings PDF DWG
Wall Jamb
Telescopic Wall Jamb
Single Point Side Elevation
Single Point Head Track
Double Point Side Elevation
Double Point Head Track
Basic Panel Joint
Inset Pass Door Exposed Profile
Full Height Pass Door Detail Concealed
Plan Section – Angle – Exposed Profile
Plan Section – 3-Way Exposed Profile
Plan Section – 3-Way Concealed Profile
Plan Section – Inset Pass Door