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Delta 115 Movable Glass Partition


The Delta 115 Range is a fully glazed partition offering acoustic ratings up to 54dB.

Panel seals are operated semi automatically and move effortlessly along an aluminium head track, when closed they form a secure fixed wall.

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Technical Specs

  • Acoustic rating from 44-54dB
  • Applications up to 3600mm high
  • Single / Twin Point Suspension
  • 840mm – 1300mm Panel Widths
  • Ideal for conference centres, hotels, offices & schools
  • Panels with hinged pass door, single or double leaf inset pass door panels for access through
  • Nominal panel thickness 115mm
  • Full maintenance contracts available

Finishing Options

Our wall systems are available in a wide array of surface finishes to suit the design of its surroundings. Plus! Add bespoke surface decals.

Uni Colours – Aluminium Frame


Stacking Options

There are 6 common stacking options for the Delta Range movable wall system as shown below:

  • Single Point Central Track
  • Double Point Track
  • Double Point Offset Track
  • Double Point Parallel Stack
  • Double Point – Bi-Parting Offset Stack
  • Double Point – Double Offset Stack

Suspension Options

There are 2 suspension options for the Delta Range:

  • Single Point  
  • Double Point
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