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Rho-Retreat Office Meeting Pods


Our Rho-Retreat is a customisable addition to any workplace, instantly creating private meeting or workspace where none existed previously

They are a Functional, flexible meeting space allowing for small numbers of people to get together in a creative space.

We offer a large amount of customisable features including sustainable products, interior lighting, charging options, Bluetooth speakers and much more.

There are also a vast range of finishes which allow a fully branded, creative space, from fabric finishes, to graphic wraps.


  • Upholstery can run around the whole booth or outer sides
  • They can be fitted with or without a back panel
  • MFC/ Graphics and upholstery options
  • End chair supports can be MFC finish or upholstered to match
  • Power options mounted either within the back panel or mounted to the table. Both USB A+C and uk 3 pin plug available
  • Either high efficiency spot lights (non- upholstered) or traditional lamp (upholstered roof only)
  • 100mm frame surround to carry cables and support the structure.
    Powder coated table frame