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Manufacture of Acoustic Movable Wall »
  • Omega Movable Wall

    Ideally suited for high specification applications due to the sheer flexibility, numerous stacking arrangements and the systems impressive acoustic qualities.

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  • Delta Glazed Movable Wall

    Ideally suited for high specification applications due to the sheer flexibility and numerous stacking arrangements.

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  • Sigma Folding Partition

    For added flexibility, or when there is no suitable structure to suspend from, the Sigma can be supplied with a low profile floor track.

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  • Zeta Straight Slider

    A push and pull system, which can be supplied bi parting or single wing, available top hung configuration or with a low profile floor track.

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  • Alpha Concertina

    Where budget is the primary factor, the Alpha Range of Vinyl Concertina partitions offers a low cost alternative to the higher specification movable walls.

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Valued and happy customers

Make the most of your existing space

Flexibility of space is becoming increasingly important, the addition of sliding folding partitions is an ideal way of utilising existing space efficiently, effectively and economically.

Whether you want to sub-divide a classroom or office, sliding partitions can allow for more than one function in a room or create a number of areas in a large floor space, whatever the needs we have a solution to suit all requirements and budgets.

Open and close walls & partitions with ease

Operation and handling is a key element within each movable wall panel. The sheer ease that our panels glide across aluminium head tracks shows the quality we offer.

The demand on the user operation varies depending on each individual system, with this in mind the principle in design and ease of manouver is a key element of research carried through all options.

Benefit from long lasting build quality

We utilise the expertise of in house design and knowledge to manufacture a system regarded as a market leader.

The very best in technology and workmanship is used to develop, create and build lightweight panels that can be delivered & installed with ease.

All parts have been through a rigorous testing process to ensure longevity of all panels.

Research & development exhibits high standards and each panel is complemented with flush edges and a sub structure perfect for handling and operation.