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BBC DIY SOS Big Build – Grenfell Tower Community Centre

Worcester based design and manufacturing company, Ce Solutions, were honoured to be able to volunteer their time, expertise and product to the BBC DIY SOS team to help create a new, purpose-built community centre and boxing gym in Grenfell, London. The new centre is dedicated to the residents whose lives were tragically affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017, providing a safe and inviting space so that the community can continue to flourish.

Grenfell Tower was home to the prestigious Dale Youth Boxing Club, which was destroyed during the fire. Over the years, the club has successfully nurtured 200 amateur boxing champions, including current world champion George Groves. By providing the area with a new boxing club, the hope is that the area can once again be proud to train and produce some world class athletes.

The pressure was on to design, manufacture and install two bespoke large movable partitions within one week, and Ce Solutions rose to the challenge with passion and dedication. The partitions enable four of the areas within the community centre to be divided into smaller spaces, or made open plan depending on how the space is needed for at the time. Personal meetings and group exercises are both possibilities in one room by using these partitions, creating a flexible space.

Ce Solutions Operations Manager, Dale Humphries, oversaw the project from start to finish…

‘When we first received the enquiry from the BBC team we agreed it was something we really wanted to be involved in. However, how we were going to do it within the timeframe was another matter! Impossible as it seemed, we were committed to supplying these products to help an amazing cause. By putting our heads together, we managed to design, build and install the partitions within a week. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our suppliers, who also pulled out all the stops to make this happen. It’s been a great experience and something I’ll remember for a very long time’

When the new community centre was revealed to the public, everybody involved with the project was invited to the opening. Ce Solutions Sales Executive, Liv Ambler, was in attendance and was touched by the reactions of the public…

‘Attending the reveal day, where the centre was opened up to the public for the first time, was extremely moving and made all the long hours worthwhile! You could really see how grateful the community were and how uplifted everyone felt. The atmosphere was incredible, I’ve not experienced anything like it before. I’d encourage other companies to get involved with charitable builds like this one. It’s a wonderful way of using our resources to give something back.’

The DIY SOS two part special, featuring movable walls by Ce Solutions, will broadcast on Wednesday 5th September and Wednesday 12th September at 9pm.

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