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Queen Mary University of London

Project Overview:

Ce Solutions worked closely with architect Cooch & Associates to produce 2 aesthetically stunning installations of our Sigma Range sliding folding partition system at Queen Mary University of London. The first phase saw us provide flexible conferencing facilities by joining two systems together at a 90⁰ angle when in position – the first time this configuration has been achieved with a hinged panel system.

Phase 2 of the project asked for a truly remarkable panel finish to the sliding partition in the University’s Physics Department. The design was produced by the University and supplied to Ce Solutions who super imposed the image on to the panel face at our factory.

Note: These images are copyrighted and are for the sole distribution of Ce Solutions Limited and Queen Mary University of London.


  • 3 No. Sigma Range sliding folding partitions
  • Innovative digital print laminate finish
  • Includes 2 No. Sigma Range systems joining together to form an L-shape when in a fixed wall position with a DDA compliant door
  • 45dB sound reduction

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